DeltaV™ Version 14

Redefining the DCS… Again.

DeltaV™ v14 redefines how a distributed control system should operate, making a step change in usability, efficiency, and insight. Our team has obsessed over every little detail so we can make your job easier. Your operator user experience (UX) is better than before. It makes your distributed control system (DCS) more modular and more secure than ever. And now it opens amazing possibilities for plant mobility and IIoT enablement that future-proofs your investment. With DeltaV™ v14, you get the most intuitive, scalable, and easy-to-use DCS ever built.

Powerful Standalone. Easily Integrated.

The DeltaV™ PK Controller brings ground-breaking innovation and technology that is powerful standalone for small units and easily integrates into a plant-wide DCS. While most PLCs and skid units from OEMs can be challenging to integrate or map, the PK Controller seamlessly merges into a larger DeltaV system resulting in a single native database and system.


A modern, built-for-purpose operations experience.

Designed for today and tomorrow’s high-performance operator requirements, DeltaV™ Live Operator Interface provides a world-class user experience. The highly-customizable HMI is our first to natively support HTML5 – laying the foundation for universal, cross-platform graphics that are easy to design and configure.

We set the bar with Electronic Marshalling, now we’re raising it.

We introduced the game-changing technology in DeltaV™ Version 11, now we are enabling you to install small enclosures with up to 12 CHARMs closer to the field devices dramatically reducing wiring and overall installation costs. We also simplified the deployment of Electronic Marshalling and Wireless field devices in existing installations by allowing CHARMs and Wireless devices to be assigned to our M-series controllers.


Cyber-certified from top-to-bottom.

DeltaV™ v14 gives you a new level of confidence and protection from cybersecurity threats by being one of the only systems to have a top-to-bottom cybersecurity certification. DeltaV™ v14 will be certified ISASecure SSA Level 1 and IEC 62443 compliant, demonstrating validation by an accredited third party that Emerson developers are trained to write secure code and the system as a whole is hardened against emerging cyber threats.

Commissioning devices has never been easier – or faster.

Take commissioning off the critical path – included in v14 is a new commissioning application that allows you to manage the entire commissioning work flow for commissioning HART devices. There is also a new studio environment, called I/O Studio, that allows you to define device templates – imagine simply initiating a “one click” commissioning process – it’s that easy and that fast.

More connected. More informed. More efficient.

OPC UA runs natively on the PK Controller, Application Stations and the EIOC card so you can experience seamless integration to IIoT enabled devices and become one step closer towards your long-term IIoT goals. It’s never been easier to connect, access, and make decisions faster and more efficiently.

The operations at your fingertips – virtually anywhere.

DeltaV™ Mobile enables you to view real-time process values, trends, alarms, historians, KPIs and other key data from your mobile device. Collaborative features make it easier to streamline workflows for managers and engineers to share critical information for enhanced business results.

DeltaV™ Live

DeltaV™ Live was built with Human Centered Design principles from the beginning, incorporating Center for Operator Performance consortium best practices and industry standards, such as built-in display hierarchies and hierarchical navigation. Operators can augment their environment on the fly, reducing the dependency on pre-engineered solutions, allowing them to more easily and intuitively monitor and control their plants.

HTML5 enables operational versatility and mobility.

Built on the latest graphics technology, DeltaV™ Live sets the foundation to take advantage of the wide variety of desktop, tablet and phone platforms, giving users more flexibility to choose the right platform or device for what they are doing and where they are working. Regardless of the device, digital workers will have intuitive and familiar displays to make decisions to run their plants safely and more effectively.


A controller that is versatile and scalable to you.

The PK Controller brings ground-breaking innovation and technology that is powerful standalone for small units and easily integrates into a plant-wide DCS. With faster logic execution, built-in native Ethernet ports and native device protocols, the DeltaV™ PK Controller addresses a wide variety of applications and system sizes. The fit-for-purpose controller enables you to have a single native database and system allowing you to shorten project schedule and accommodate late changes.

What is Powerful Standalone?

Operate and configure your standalone applications with PK Controller Engineering software and PK Controller Engineering Station. Standalone PK Controllers do not require a permanent connection to a ProPlus to operate, PK Controller Engineering Stations provide a temporary local connection. For increased availability, get easy redundancy by simply installing the redundant controller onto the carrier next to the primary – with no added cabinet space or configuration change!

What is Easily Integrated?

Most skids come from OEMs with PLCs that can be challenging and costly to integrate and map into your DeltaV DCS.The PK Controller seamlessly merges into a larger DeltaV system, resulting in a single native database and system allowing you to shorten project schedules, accommodate late changes, and streamline your automation strategy.

Get the ultimate flexibility in I/O.

The PK Controller supports most DeltaV I/O families including M-Series traditional, S-series traditional, CHARM I/O Cards and Wireless I/O cards enabling you to select the I/O family that best meets to specific needs of your application.


New design. Higher performance. More versatility.

The M-series is here to stay. To simplify the deployment of Electronic Marshalling and Wireless field devices in existing installations we have decided to allow CHARMs and Wireless devices to be assigned to M-series controllers.



The defense-in-depth strategy is an ISA/IEC 62443 standard and based on a layered approach that relies on multiple levels of protection to reduce the system attack surface hence diminishing the chances of an attack being successful.

Enhanced domain controller protections… And functions.

The DeltaV™ Domain Controller can operate out of the Professional Plus workstation. The Professional Plus can be used to perform process control functions and connected to the networks needed - without the concerns of exposing the Domain Controller to other areas of the plant. At the same time, the Domain Controllers can be isolated and protected against cyber-attacks in a simpler format.

Certified cybersecurity

DeltaV™ v14 is on the leading edge of cybersecurity and is the first to have the entire DCS achieve the ISASecure SSA Level 1 certification. This certification ensures our design and code practices meet the IEC62443 standards, and the functional security assessment to verify that the DeltaV security features and functions meet the minimum requirements for Level 1 certification. System devices are tested to make sure they can withstand attacks as per the guidelines of the ISASecure SSA certification


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